Gardenalia is Seeking a Landscape Maintenance Crew Supervisor!

Job Description:

  • Assists in fulfilling the goals of the property owner and Gardenalia by directing a landscape maintenance crew.
  • Responsible for ensuring that Gardenalia’s strict gardening and landscape maintenance standards are met.
  • Supports positive lines of communication with fellow employees and the property owner.
  • Organizes and directs the landscape crew and answers to Gardenalia’s Operations Manager.
  • Receives the daily work orders from the Operations Manager and directs the crew, setting priorities, and overseeing the work.
  • Ensures proper labor relations and conditions of employment are maintained.

Qualifications- Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

The right candidate will possess:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Detail orientated approach to reading and following work orders.
  • A firm grasp on the palette of trees, shrubs, perennials, pests, weeds, and garden practices and plants native to Pennsylvania.

Have Experience in:

  • Instructing, directing and evaluating employees.
  • Professional and detailed pruning methods.
  • Directing a landscape crew to follow a work schedule that maintains timely completion of the job and profitability.
  • Maintaining favorable client relations.
  • Safe operation of small machinery such as a chainsaw, power hand tools, garden tools, and basic tool use.  (limited need for this)

Job Duties

  • Manages employees.
  • Maintains daily records of crew hours, gas receipts, delivery receipts.
  • Maintains and keeps track of lunch and break times.
  • Orients and trains new employees.
  • Ensures that the crews are sufficiently supplied with all materials needed for the job.
  • Transports the crew, tools, and supplies.
  • Maintains the crew’s break and lunch schedule.
  • Is responsible for basic functioning and maintenance of the truck, chainsaw and other equipment and reports issues to the Operations Manager.
  • Is responsible for weekly truck and yard cleaning.
  • Ensures that the trucks and yard are ready for work each day.
  • Facilitates a work environment that is polite, friendly and positive.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Desirable Personal Attributes

Possesses excellent interpersonal skills, time management skills, and organizational skills

Is honest with a positive and optimistic outlook

Physical Requirements

Candidate must have great physical stamina and a strong back.

Can help move heavy root balls sometimes up to 300 lbs.

Can lift 50 lbs.

Education / Training

High school diploma/GED

Bachelor’s degree desirable or professional experience equivalent

Industry certification- Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturist (PCH)

Current PA driver’s license

Working Conditions

This position is outdoors, and the conditions are affected by the weather – long hot days, wet rainy days and cold temperatures.


Background in gardening, horticulture, farming, landscaping

Experience in building trades or landscape construction


$15-$18 per hour depending on experience

40 hours per week

Working Saturdays may be required on a rotating basis

Occasional overtime may be required

**For candidates who meet all minimum requirements, please email your resume to If you have questions please call the office at 412-871-5445.**