Who We Are

Green, holistic, and ecologically responsible design — these are the values behind Gardenalia. We are landscape designers, landscape architects, gardeners, and skilled artisans who have been creating inspired outdoor spaces since 2002.

Container Garden

Beautiful Summer Container Garden

Our Evolution

Gardenalia began in 2002 as an urban garden boutique and was at the forefront of the eco trend in gardening. Most noteworthy, was that Gardenalia was the first and only store of its kind in Pittsburgh’s East End. From the beginning, Gardenalia emphasized container gardening, garden design, natural decorating, and organic gardening and we have grown from there!

As a result, our focus has evolved from offering premium garden supplies in a brick-and-mortar store to creating sustainable outdoor living spaces throughout the Pittsburgh area. Hence, we left our squeaky-clean storefront to get our hands dirty — quite literally.

What We Do

Overall, Gardenalia provides a genuinely holistic garden experience and we achieve this through full-spectrum garden design and implementation. Since gardens are living, breathing ecosystems that are designed to thrive, we cater to every detail. As a result, we make sure that the final product is a garden that not only delights you but becomes the flourishing sanctuary of your dreams.

An Artistic, Interactive Approach

We always begin with consulting and strategic planning to ensure that your vision helps drive the creative process behind your project. After that, Gardenalia incorporates a broad range of design expertise and resources, including outdoor lighting, hardscaping, storm water management, sustainability evaluation, native & edible species gardening, and more. Furthermore, we draw on this incredible pool of talent to make our shared vision a reality.

Horticulture & Eco-Stewardship

Once a plan is in place, the next step is to source for the best plants, trees and design elements for your unique space. After that, we install, plant, and implement every feature that’s respectful to your property, neighborhood, and surrounding ecosystem. Additionally, once projects are complete, we act as an ongoing resource, giving you access to education and support to help you get the most from your garden — year after year.

Landscape Design & Build Services That Thrive

Front Yard Rock Garden

Front Yard Rock Garden

  • Employing the guiding principles of functionality and sustainability in our designs
  • Commitment to sustainable values, including organic gardening and horticultural best practices
  • Creative container gardening
  • Personalized garden coaching
  • Commitment to professional development that makes us an ever-better resource to our customers and clients
Gardenalia | Design. Build. Thrive.

Left: Seasonal Container Garden Right: Hardscape Example