Client Education

At Gardenalia, we view gardening as a collaborative art form and also believe that gardening and education go hand-and-hand. Plus, the best gardens are kept by people who understand how they can be utilized and at the same time appreciate their potential! That’s why we act as a resource by extending additional knowledge to our clients before and after any installation. Overall, by delivering gardening and landscaping tips it helps clients to enjoy their outdoor spaces even more and get the most out of them!

Some key concepts:

  • Personalized Design – We’ll help you make educated choices about the use of your property and the species that adorn it.
  • Edible Gardening – We’ll give you a garden you can eat, along with the know-how to cultivate its abundance.
  • Native Species Gardening – Recommending plants that naturally thrive together within the unique specifications of your property.
  • Sustainable Gardening – Understanding how installation and maintenance of outdoor space can have a positive impact on the local environment.