A Tender Hand

Fine Gardening services bring out the best in your garden during every season. Our loyal staff is attentive to the small details that keep your plants healthy and thriving. Gardenalia’s fine gardening services include pruning, deadheading, managing the transition from season to season, and coaching to help you better tend your gardens.

A Flourishing Garden

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Shady Side Garden

Regular maintenance, particularly in the change of seasons, stimulates growth and helps your garden flourish. Clearing away old material is the best way to welcome new buds. Ushering in new seasons will help your garden to adapt to changing conditions.

Fine Gardening also gives us the chance to check in on your garden, allowing us to monitor the well-being of your plants and implement proactive solutions. You won’t have to worry about insect damage or water and soil issues with regular visits from our knowledgeable gardeners.

Gardenalia offers service plans and scheduling options to accommodate your lifestyle and degree of interest in learning about your garden.


 Bulbs Tulips Spring Maintenance

Wake up your garden! We remove the last remaining leaves of fall, cut back dead perennial material, and prepare your garden for all the new material to start growing.


Fall Maintenance

Take cover for the winter. We cover up your garden, add mulch, clean the area, remove annual material, and dead-head as needed.