Stormwater Management

Rain Barrel

In your garden, excess water can be too much of a good thing. Gardenalia offers an array of exciting solutions for handling excess stormwater. We’ll design a solution that works best with the specifics of your property and unique circumstances. We’ve implemented permeable pavement, installed rain barrels, and created lawns where you can park a car. The possibilities are endless. If you have excess water problems, call Gardenalia to get creative solutions.

Distinctive Rain Gardens

“On the surface, a rain garden features the same wildflowers and other native plants you’d expect to see in a garden. But the difference runs deep. During a storm or shower, a well-designed rain garden soaks up inches of water runoff from your roof, driveway, or another paved surface. That water gets diverted into the ground instead of heading for the nearest storm drain.” 
— From The Rain Garden Alliance Website

Gardenalia takes rain gardening to a whole new level, adding an unmatched degree of creativity to the traditional rain garden.  We diminish the tendency for rain gardens to appear weedy by taking a personalized approach to the design process allowing us to deliver beauty in the form of a highly functional garden.

Business Benefits

Gardenalia also designs and implements stormwater management solutions for commercial applications. We’ll help you incorporate this eco-friendly design element into your sustainability plan so you can maximize benefits like tax credits and LEED points.

View a Rain Garden Transformation!

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