Currently Hiring Snow Maintenance and Removal Personnel, Maintenance Crew Supervisor, and Construction Crew Supervisor!

Gardenalia is hiring! We are immediately seeking 3 part-time/on-call Snow Maintenance and Removal crew members and interviewing for two positions that begin in early Spring: 1 full-time Landscape Maintenance Crew Supervisor, and 1 full-time Landscape Construction Crew Supervisor.

For candidates with experience in basic construction and/or gardening and landscaping: the snow removal position would be a great way to start with our high-end properties services firm and then possibly work into one of the above full-time, permanent positions that begin in early Spring!

For job descriptions and info on how to apply: refer to one of the below openings, click the image, and you’ll be automatically directed to the appropriate page.

Thank you for your interest!

Hiring Snow Removal and Maintenance Personnel

Snow Removal

Hiring Landscape Construction Crew Supervisor

Construction Crew Supervisor

Hiring Landscape Maintenance Crew Supervisor

Maintenance Crew Supervisor