Choosing A Landscape Designer

A great landscape designer knows what works and what doesn’t. For instance, do you have a favorite plant that never ends up flourishing in your garden? Even after multiple replacements, endless internet searches, and after speaking with multiple reps. at some of the garden stores in your area? Should you replace the plant(s) OR wait and see if they end up flowering? Not sure? Landscape designers can help! Read on for suggestions to consider when choosing a landscape designer and why it’s a great option!

The Cost

While a single plant isn’t costly — needing to replace 7+ dozen trees, flowers and/or shrubs is! Who wants to spend double, triple, or more on anything? Not us! Overall, hiring a designer can be cost-effective. Not only will you avoid the missteps of trial-and-error, but you’ll save time, money, AND the headache(s)!

New Design Ideas

An experienced landscape designer brainstorms ideas with you. Each and every home, garden, and landscape are different. Plus, unique design ideas come from a home’s individual surroundings, it’s own aesthetic, and many other factors. Landscape designers offer innovative and creative design ideas and usually come up with something that hasn’t been considered before. When that happens, you usually end up loving the entire project even more! How great would that be?

Time Frame

One question to ask yourself: “Do you have the time to do it on your own?” Landscape designers know how to get a project finished in the least amount of time and with the best possible results. Plus, the quicker the project, the more time you’ll have to enjoy your new gardens/landscapes soon after.


Anyone who previously endured (solo) landscaping projects can usually attest as to how much more expensive the project was because of extra materials, unexpected hurdles, etc. Almost anyone who has Ibeen in the aforementioned situation and then hired a landscape designer can most likely confirm as to how much cheaper (and faster!) the 2nd project was vs. “trial and error” methods.  Extra bonus: great landscaping jobs can add additional value to your home and can sometimes offset the cost of hiring a landscape designer.

Why Choose Gardenalia?

We have been dedicated to the green, sustainable approach since setting our roots in Pittsburgh back in 2002. Our ecologically responsible methods are what sets us apart. We do this by implementing our best horticultural practices and careful planning to create sustainable landscapes for both your home and it’s local ecosystem.

Gardenalia’s designers go above-and-beyond to ensure that your vision is the life force behind the creative process. The goal is to make your unique landscaping and gardening ideas a reality! Contact us with any questions or to set up a consultation.