Landscape Design & Architecture

Artful and sustainable design is key to everything we do. We’ll create a comprehensive garden plan that fits your property, lifestyle, and budget.


Gorgeous Personalized Spaces

No matter what your location, situation, budget, or desires, Gardenalia has the expertise to achieve your ideal outdoor space. Our holistic approach ensures that all of the pieces work together to create a cohesive, flourishing garden experience. Bring us your most reasonable or unconventional ideas. Gardenalia will deliver your dream garden.

Not Your Typical Landscapers!

Working with Gardenalia is a unique, creative, and enriching experience. We believe that our impact on the world is a positive one. Our landscapers focus on sustainability, which also translates into the way we treat both gardens and individuals. While our art lies in the creation of sustainable outdoor spaces, our mission is to help people create a vision and achieve their goals.

Our best projects develop from a shared vision and a relationship of creativity. We work hand in hand with clients to create one-of-a-kind, personal green spaces that add value to their lives and properties. We work collaboratively to create and enact ideal solutions. In designing each garden or landscape, we consider the needs of our clients both now and in the future. We also extend educational resources to empower them to maintain and nourish our final product.

Thorough & Thoughtful Planning

Careful planning is the first vital step in building a garden with lasting beauty and value. Our horticulturists and master gardeners will incorporate your ideas to design and implement your green space using best horticultural practices. We strive to ensure that everything we design creates a healthy, sustainable ecosystem.

From the selection of plants to their placement and protection, the beauty of our gardens is made to last. Once your dream landscape is complete, we’ll empower you with training and resources to nourish and care for your garden. Of course, if you want a hands-off experience, Gardenalia can tend your garden year after year.

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Thorough & Thoughtful Planning

Landscape Planning & Design

Services & Features


Storm Water Management

Control excess water in a responsible, ecologically positive way. Put unwanted runoff to good use with rain gardens, rain barrels, and improved drainage.


Design Process

At Gardenalia we pride ourselves on delivering stunning landscape design with a focus on client relationship and interaction. 


Edible Gardens

Gardenalia can make vegetable gardening a real option for anyone. Whether you live in the city, country, or suburbs, we can design and plant a garden that will work for you.