Trained gardeners and designers specializing in developing, restoring, and renovating gardens and landscapes.

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Landscape Design & Architecture

Artful and sustainable design is key to everything we do. We’ll create a comprehensive garden plan that fits your property, lifestyle, and budget.


Landscape Construction

 Let Gardenalia help you bring the comfort of your home to your outdoor spaces

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Maintenance/Fine Gardening

Your garden will thrive thanks to our fine gardening services. Get masterful pruning and seasonal maintenance of your gardens, including trees, shrubs, and perennials.


Planting: Annuals, Bulbs & More

Annual plantings provide long lasting seasonal color in your garden. Spring bulbs are the first flowers to herald in spring. Get some tips to help extend your garden flower show by several months.

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Gardening: Container 

Container gardening is a fantastic option for anyone interested in gardening. 


Gardening: Edible 

Maximize the beauty and purpose of your space with plants you can eat


Hardscaping & Garden Elements

Hardscape refers to man made features used in landscape architecture, e.g. paths or walls, as contrasted with vegetation.



Protect, beautify and sustain your garden beds and containers with our all automated leed certified drip irrigation system.


Storm Water Management

Control excess water in a responsible, ecologically positive way. Put unwanted runoff to good use with rain gardens, rain barrels, and improved drainage.


Landscape Lighting

We design and implement gorgeous lightscapes that showcase and enhance your outdoor space. Our beautiful fixtures are also rugged, suitable for any weather or environmental conditions.



Take your property to the next level. We’ll help you envision possibilities, identify the best options, and develop steps for making your dream space a reality.


Holiday Decorating

We offer greens-inspired decorating for your holiday, indoors and out. The Gardenalia holiday touch is fresh, natural and elegant.


Seasonal Services


Snow Removal

Get reliable, and full-service snow removal services for your business or residence. We offer block rates and package rates.

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