It’s been 17 years and the time is once again upon us. According to Penn State’s Department of Entomology, this brood will be breaching the surface in the next few weeks. They arrive in full force, as swarms will be visible across several area counties. Though they are incredibly loud and disruptive, these little guys won’t hurt you. Your garden is another story. Now is the time to consider if your lovely new landscaping can handle the coming storm.

Prepare for the invasion— cicadas emerge from underground and attach themselves to branches and leaves. Their activity can be enough to cause damage to young plants that would keep them from growing. Fortunately for our customers, we will be offering our services during this time to assist with necessary cicada precautions. In order to ensure that young trees stay healthy, we will wrap them in netting to prevent any harm that may befall them.

If you think that your green space may be at risk, please don’t hesitate to call us for an appointment.