Garden Maintenance While on Vacation

Maintenance, vacations, and your garden!

Maintenance, vacations, and your garden!

Welcome back, readers! In last week's blog, we discussed shade structures for the dog days of summer, and this week we’ll continue to bring you the luxury landscaping and organic home lifestyle with our vacation maintenance home and garden tips!

Maintenance, vacations, and your garden!

Bags packed? Checked! Hailed a car? Check! Garden maintained during your vacation, so you don’t return to a fried patch of dust devoid of life? Hmm…. Don’t worry; you’re not alone, in fact, more people are gardening than ever! According to the National Gardening Association, we’re experiencing the largest increase in participation – up 63% to 13 million since 2008 when it comes to new gardens spaces. Naturally, that’s a lot of green thumbs who maybe aren’t educated yet on the value of watering and maintaining your green space while you’re away on vacation or business. So let’s talk maintenance!

As with any new service or home idea, you’ll need to ask yourself some questions:

  • What are the services available based on my home and garden landscape needs?
  • How often will I need to address landscape maintenance?
  • Where do I look to find the best solutions while vacationing or away on business?

What does my garden or home landscape need?

Depending on the size of the property, and how often you travel, you may want to consider a few things to help keep your space verdant and fresh:

Consider putting in a professional water installation: Gardenalia can help you install a timed and automatic soaker system, as well as work with you to determine your needs. From lawns to herb gardens and flower beds, as well as newly planted seeds for Fall, we can help you identify the best timing cadence and give you your weekends back to prepare for the trip, rather than worrying about installations.

Drip irrigations serve many purposes, as do additional mulching, rain barrel, and self-watering setups. Gardenalia also specializes in custom spaces, retaining walls and bricking pathways, so there’s more than a few ways we can assist in keeping your lawn and garden green.

How often will I need to address landscape maintenance?

Sadly, many homeowners don’t realize maintenance done in advance can save them thousands of dollars in the long run. From gardens and lawns neglected in the summer heat to Fall seedlings lost to the dog days of summer, having dedicated staff care for and properly maintain their precious plant cargo allows owners to relax. Regardless of the season, Gardenalia will have your back and keep the space alive and verdant.

Gardenalia Tip: The season for maintenance really never ends!

Where do I need to look to find the best solutions for while I travel or are away on business?

Well, you can always try to maintain on your own, but after decades of working in the business of creating luxury and professional landscape settings here in Pittsburgh and beyond, Gardenalia staff has a unique and hands-on approach to educating the consumer and letting the owner relax while they do the rest. From seedling growing season, spring, summer shade, to fall harvest and dreaded snow and winter clean ups, we’re here and ready to consult and give the best plan of action for new and existing clients. Still not convinced? Take a look at some of our stellar work and reach out to schedule a one on one consult so that the next time you flash that Passport you can smile knowing while you’re away in the sun, we’re here keeping your home looking curb ready and fresh!

Gardenalia Tip: Working with an educated, professional landscape design team can save you a lot of bank down the road, from water and irrigation to custom retaining walls, we can show you how to choose the best fit for your property! 

So set aside that complicated sprinkler and let the pros take it from here. Dig your toes into those sandy beaches, and toast to your summer, we’ll be here in Pittsburgh keeping your space lush and fresh! 

Coming up: stay tuned for previews on our Fall landscape ideas chat and also our ongoing organic gardening series. 

Rebecca Cooper