How to Plant Fall Bulbs For Spring Flowers!


How to Plant Bulbs – Step by Step

Step 1: Get rid of weeds! If you’re removing crabgrass, read these tips.

Step 2: Loosen up the soil by tilling the designated area. To make it easier when you start digging holes, till the patch down to a depth of 6″-8.5″. Don’t remove the dirt!

Step 3: Before planting any bulbs, read the depth instructions on the packaging. In general, smaller bulbs don’t need to be planted very deep, but the larger ones do.

Step 4: Once you know the depths, begin digging holes in the tilled patch.

Step 5: Set bulbs in the hole with the pointy side up. If the bulb isn’t very pointed but has roots, ensure that the roots are pointing downward.

Step 6: Now that the bulbs are in their designated spots, backfill the holes with soil and lightly compress. Don’t pack the soil too tight!

Step 7: Water to stimulate root growth. Note: Bulb watering varies by Zone!

Gardenalia Tip: If you’re in Zone 6 like we are in Pittsburgh, it’s best to buy bulbs NOW and plant before the end of September/beginning of October (before the first freeze). Need help? Give us a shout here and let us do the dirty work for you!


Sprouting Bulbs!

Ideally, if you want to give a garden more depth and color in Spring 2017, Fall is when to start! Weather forecasts in Pittsburgh expect the first freeze to be on or around October 15th (avoid planting bulbs after). If you need help planning, designing, and installing landscape and garden projects, fill out this form to schedule a consultation. Planting (and planning) now for Spring 2017 is best. It will not only keep your gardening and landscaping ventures on schedule but get your home looking Architectural Digest ready much sooner!

Until next time, we’ll be here designing, building, and keeping Pittsburgh’s gardens THRIVING!

Rebecca Cooper