Top Fall Bulb Ideas for Spring!

Top Fall Bulb Ideas for Spring!

It’s that time of year where pumpkins and mums reign supreme, but this week’s blog is all about the bright yellow daffodils and deep purple irises that you want popping up at Spring’s first sign in 2017!  Looking ahead and developing the best designs for your home’s landscape can be a little intimidating, but fear not, Gardenalia Pittsburgh is here to help with our Top Fall Bulb Ideas for Spring!

Timing is everything!

If this mantra seems like something we love to repeat, it’s for good reason! Timing is everything with landscape design and gardening, so humming the seasonal “early, mid, late” helps you plan ahead and not have just one burst of daffodils or crocus, but a strong, multi-tiered Springtime bloom!

  • Early Bulbs

Some of the most popular early bulbs are the lovely purple crocus! Be sure to consider anemone blanda blends as well!

  • Mid Bulbs

So the first burst is done, be sure not to go into a dead zone and fill the mid range up with fragrant and colorful geraniums and hyacinth, a yearly favorite!

  • Late Bulbs  

Save some quick and fierce bursts of fiery color by getting the best last! Tulips are THE go to for the end of Spring season bulb and according to experts, are among the most popular spring flowers of all time! They are “easy to grow, they come in an incredible variety of colours, heights, and flower shapes, with over 3,000+ different registered varieties!” making this our choice for end-of-Spring inspiration!

Gardenalia Tip: If you’re in Zone 6 like we are in Pittsburgh, it’s best to buy NOW and plant before the end of Sept/beginning of October when frost and tumultuous weather has been known to interfere. Stuck on ideas? Give us a shout and let us do the dirty work for you!

Look back to plan ahead!

Lastly, take this design inspiration session to look back at your ideas for Spring 2017! What do you want the grounds to reflect? Classic English countryside? Zen Japanese or Buddhist tones? Perhaps, a rambling American cottage theme? Either way, planning ahead for Spring 2017 this time of year is a great way to collaborate and get your home looking Architectural Digest ready!

Until next time, get inspired and give us a call with your landscape design needs. Till next time, we’ll be here designing, building, and keeping Pittsburgh’s gardens THRIVING!

David Wall